June 2017 Newsletter

June 2017 Newsletter

This month I will review the first 30 days with the Apple Watch. We also have a service special! See below for more!

Also big news from WWDC.

Apple Watch Series 2

Product Review

I have the Apple Watch 42 mm version series 2 in space grey and black. I also have an iPhone 7+ with the latest version of the iOS. If you do not have an iPhone 5 or better running iOS 10 then the Apple Watch is not for you. As per Apple’s usual packaging, the box is special and it comes with two band lengths, small and medium. If you have large wrists you can order the extra large band. I have two holes left on my medium band.

Setup was easy. Just use the app on your phone to pair it and you are done. Of course you can start to customize it with different watch faces and so on. I use the activity monitor that showed me the Time, Calories burned, and Standing time. If I do not stand or move it vibrates and dings to tell me to stand up.

I then started walking and it was recording my steps. I use a Withings Scale and Blood pressure cuff that work with the Withings app on my phone. The watch will synchronize my steps to the Withings app and also the Apple Health app. On the watch when cycling I use the Workout app, and select Outdoor Cycle. It will then record all sorts data like speed, distance, elevation and my route just to mention a few things. If I wanted to listen to music I could with the wireless AirPods. But that is not my thing. There is also an option for an indoor workout, good for the gym in the winter. Battery life is amazing in that I charge the watch every couple of days. It tends to use about 30% of the battery per day.

I am also sharing my data with my staff and we have a lot of fun with it. When I cut the grass with a regular lawnmower I tend to burn more calories than any of the staff. Good thing for me as I can afford to reduce some. It’s working by the way. It is a real motivator every day in that it gives you immediate feedback of what you are doing.

I never thought I would wear a watch again but after 25 years without one I can say that this is a real benefit to my life and health.


Apple has announced a lot of new and updated products this past Monday June 5th and they are arriving in the store this week.

The all new iPad Pro 10.5 inch. This is the same iPad pro as you have come to know but with a larger screen in the same aluminium case. iPad Pro starts at $869 and iPad 9.7 starts at just $449.

The new iMac has faster processors and better graphics both in 21.5 and 27 inch versions and start at $1399

MacBook Pro
The new line of MacBook Pro’s have faster processors and better graphics and start at $1729

New iMac Pro
A power house for the Video, Audio, and Graphic professional comping this December starting at $4999.00 US

Previous Generation Sale $$$

Previous generation product that is in our inventory is still available at reduced prices. You can save up to $200.00 on a brand new discontinued Apple product. You can even add Apple Care for an additional charge. They were replaced with the new products that Apple just announced at the WWDC.

Save on iMacs, MacBook Pros and iPads.

We also have a limited supply of our floor models at an even greater savings.

Never Pay Full Price for a New Mac or iPad Again!

Did you know you can trade in your older Mac or iPad and get a new one at up to 50% off?

Simply fill out the appropriate Trade Request form online and we will provide you with a quote on a brand new Mac or iPad and let you know the value of your trade-in (subject to inspection.)

Not only will you save on the purchase price, you only pay tax on the difference.


Note: trades must be 2013 or newer model year. Your trade may not be accepted due to a number of factors.

Terms and conditions apply.

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